Our Vision
  • MedGlobal Health aims to “bridge the gap” between high income countries and resource limited countries to provide high quality medical care which is accessible to all irrespective of socio-economic factors.
  • To be a global leader in the provision of innovative, universally affordable and quality healthcare products and service alternatives, to a broad spectrum of worldwide consumer and business clients.
  • Differentiate based on client needs focus, and total satisfaction experience through a personalized service delivery
  • Attain competitive cost and quality advantage through leveraging a global healthcare service delivery model , continuous innovation and process integration and efficiency.
  • Promote India (the brand) as a preferred global destination for high quality, affordable and universally accessible healthcare.
Current Problems – facing Developed Economies
  • Aging Population….. Inverted Pyramid age structure
  • Rising cost of basic medical services
  • More complex and expensive medical treatments
  • Strain on public and private resources for medical care
  • Constraints on government budgets to fund public health care
  • Affordability of private and corporate medical insurance
  • Constraints on availability of trained medical practitioners like doctors, nurses, medical technicians, etc.
  • Waiting lists and delays for critical medical services
  • Inefficient health care processes and use of enabling information technology
Opportunity and Potential Solution:o-MSO to India
  • Availability of world-class health care facilities
  • Availability of world class medical and health care professionals many of them with training and experience in USA, Canada, UK and Europe
  • Cost of services including travel costs are 20% to 40% of costs in USA, Canada and Europe
  • Indian government is promoting India as a “Global Health Destination”… with tax advantage/shelters for export business.
  • World-class Medical Universities and Teaching Hospitals turning out an estimated over 30,000 new doctors and nurses each year
  • Americans, Canadians and Europeans are already accustomed to being treated by expatriate Indian doctors in their countries
  • English speaking doctors and businesses in India
  • Replicate India’s success in IT services outsourcing, BPO and pharmaceuticals in the Health Care sector